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Calloused hands. Bruised shoulders. Muddy boots. Muddy teeth. You name it, it can happen on expedition.

Each time the team hits the field, their goal is the same: to gather data. But the way they do it takes many forms. One month they’ll explore the highlands on specially designed fat-tire bikes (fatbikes). In another, they’ll pole down a river in local mokoro canoes. There are camera traps to set up, water sensors to deploy, and communities to talk with.

Making it all safe and possible is their partnership with the HALO Trust, an international organization dedicated to removing landmines from war-torn landscapes, allowing life to return once open conflict has ended.

Season by season, year by year, they are documenting this ecosystem like never before, accumulating vast amounts of data, and making it available online for scientists, policymakers, educators, and anyone else to explore and use for themselves. This data provides an important baseline for this little known area—and is necessary for developing plans for its protection.

The team is also documenting their extraordinary experiences via blogs and social media. Explore each of the Okavango Wilderness Project expeditions below and see what has made each one an adventure to remember.

2018 Cuando Source Lakes and River Transect

2018 Cuando Source Lakes and River Transect  

may-july 2018

Picture of hippos in Botswana

2017 Annual Okavango Delta Crossing  

August 2017

Picture of Adjany Costa on expedition with the Okavango Wilderness Project , 2017

Cubango River Transect  

May-July, 2017

Picture of Okavango Wilderness Project team with a makeshift diving platform in Cuito Source Lake, Angola, on April 13, 2017

Source Lakes Survey  

April-May, 2017

Picture of bird, Okavango Wilderness Project Source Lakes Science expedition, 2016

Source Lakes Science  

October-November, 2016

Picture of team poling through water, 7th Annual Okavango Delta Crossing expedition, 2016

7th Annual Okavango Delta Crossing  

August-September, 2016

Picture of team member cycling, Source Lakes Kembo Cuando expedition, 2016

Source Lakes Kembo Cuando  

July-August, 2016

Picture of expedition vehicles on Okavango Wilderness Project Cuito Cuanavale Source Lakes expedition, 2016

Source Lakes Cuito Cuanavale  

February-April, 2016

Picture of Okavango Wilderness Project team on 2015 Megatransect expedition

Source to Sand Megatransect  

April-September, 2015

photograph by cory richards (top image of team).

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