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The Roman Republic and the World it Built

The city-state of Rome represents one of the earliest and most successful experiments in representative democracy found in the ancient world. From its...

Gross Domestic Product

Browse the nations of the world by their reported GDP.

Garbage Patches

Map of globes showing ocean garbage patches.

Navigating by Nature

Map of bird migrations across the Eastern Hemisphere

Central Coast Poetry

Go beyond Steinbeck in Monterey County, California.

Spider Plankton

Spidery "plankton" pours down over eastern Australia.

Egtved Girl

Navigate the travels of a Bronze Age woman.

Dinosaurs in Western Australia

Go droning for dinosaurs in Australia.

World Heritage at Risk

What World Heritage Sites are most at risk? Why?

Competing Claims in the South China Sea

What nations are involved in territorial disputes in the South China Sea?

Major Sites in Mycenaean Greece

What was Mycenaean Greece? What clues remain?

Otzi Unearthed

Where was "Otzi the Iceman" unearthed?

Where was Shakespeare Set?

Where were the settings for Shakespeare's plays?

Sharks of the Eastern U.S.

Dive deep with swarming blacktip sharks of the Eastern U.S.

7 Points in Egyptian History

Navigate the Nile and early civilization with this seven-point timeline-map.

Fairy Circles

Mysterious fairy circles have long lured mystics and conspiracy theorists to Africa’s Namib Desert. Scientists may have finally cracked the fair...

Pearl Harbor Targets

What and where were the targets on the "date which will live in infamy"?

Gibraltar Dispute

Why have tensions risen over Gibraltar and why is it important?

Center of North America

Where is the center of North America? Pretty much where you'd think.

Galloway Hoard

Buried for more than a thousand years, Scotland’s “Galloway hoard” may include rare artifacts looted from medieval monasteries. ...

Base Map: Roads and Streets

Zoom in on roads and streets with our MapMaker Interactive base map.

Anatomy of the Nile

Navigate the anatomy of the Nile.

Rohingyan Refugees

Were are Rohingyan refugees fleeing?

Mammoth Meltdown

Where did the weak woolly mammoths make their last stand?

Conflicts in the Mountains

Mountains stand as a symbol of both solidarity and isolation. This is particularly true for the various rebel groups and militias that have used rugge...