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Jean M. Case

National Geographic Society


Tracy R. Wolstencroft

​Vice Chairman
National Geographic Society


Brendan P. Bechtel

Michael R. Bonsignore

Katherine Bradley

Ángel Cabrera

Elizabeth (Beth) Comstock

Jack Dangermond

Alexandra Grosvenor Eller

Gary E. Knell

Jane Lubchenco

Mark C. Moore

George Muñoz

Nancy E. Pfund

Peter H. Raven

Lyndon Rive

Edward P. Roski, Jr.

Frederick J. Ryan, Jr.

Anthony A. Williams

International Council of Advisors


Darlene T. Anderson

Michael S. Anderson

Sarah Argyropoulos

Lucy and Henry Billingsley

Richard C. Blum

Sheila and Michael Bonsignore

Diane and Hal Brierley

Howard G. Buffett

Pat and Keith Campbell

Jean and Steve Case

Alice and David Court

Barbara and Steve Durham

Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman

Warren H. Haruki

Lyda Hill

Sven Lindblad

Juli and Tom Lindquist

Claudia Madrazo de Hernández

Pamela Mars Wright

Edith McBean

Susan and Craig McCaw

Mary and Gregory M. Moga III

Mark C. Moore

Pearl and Seymour Moskowitz

Timothy S. Nash

Caryl D. Philips

Mark Pruzanski

Gayle and Edward P. Roski, Jr.

Jeannie and Tom Rutherfoord

Vicki Sant

Jessica and Dr. Richard Sneider

Philip Stephenson

Clara Wu Tsai

Liselotte and Robin Vince

Garry Weber

Angie and Leo Wells

Judith and Stephen Wertheimer

Tracy R. Wolstencroft

B. Wu and Eric Larson

Jeffrey M. Zell