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Educator Certification Program (Beta)

Join a professional development program for formal and informal Pre-K-12 educators inspiring the next generation of explorers, conservationists, and global citizens.

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Photograph by Lori Epstein/National Geographic Staff

Do you believe in empowering students to think like explorers? In building geographic competency across disciplines? In inspiring students to be global thinkers who can change the world? If so, you’re in good company here. Thank you for volunteering to be beta testers of the National Geographic Educator Certification program.

The program seeks to inspire educators to teach students about the world in innovative and interdisciplinary ways. The experience will provide you with professional recognition and development; connections and community with like-minded educators; and relationships, resources, and perks with National Geographic. 

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Winter 2018 Cohort: Suggested start date: January 1; Deadline: March 30 (Registration is closed)
Spring 2018 Cohort: Suggested start date: April 16; Deadline: July 13
Fall 2018 Cohort: Registration will open in the summer of 2018

Program Requirements

Browse the three phases of the Educator Certification program below. Find the full program requirements here.


Phase 1

Certification Workshop

The Phase 1 workshop is rooted in National Geographic’s Learning Framework. The Learning Framework is built around attitudes, skills, and knowledge sets that encourage students to think like explorers. We hope you’ll carry the concepts from the Phase 1 workshop through every stage of the program and beyond.

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Phase 2

Classroom Activities

In Phase 2, you should complete two classroom activities that draw upon your knowledge of the National Geographic Learning Framework (introduced in Phase 1). We challenge you to to teach your students about our interconnected world in ways you may not have tried before.

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Phase 3

Capstone Project

Your capstone project should tell the story of your students’ learning in a visual and creative way. We want to know how your chosen activities reflects the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of the National Geographic Learning Framework—and how it fits in with your personal identity, values, or philosophy as a teacher!

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An Educator's Experience

At National Geographic, we believe in the power of science, exploration, education, and storytelling to change the world.
The Capstone Project is your chance to tell your class' story in a visual and compelling way.
See how Charles Dabritz rose to that challenge below.


“I think it’s important that we break down boundaries between subjects. For me, that’s when I get the best results—when I can look at something from a lot of different angles.”

—Charles Dabritz, library media specialist